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Workers in low-income areas of urban India are willing to give up a quarter of their daily wage for a work guarantee

Worker wages fell in industries where intermediate import prices rose by more because of sterling's depreciation from the unexpected Brexit vote

Firms diversify into industries in which they have input-based comparative advantage

With Johannes Boehm and John Morrow

Journal of Political Economy, Lead Article, 2022

Policies to move to an agribusiness model of farm purchases raised agribusiness profits at the expense of farmer earnings in Kenya

With Silvana Tenreyro

Earlier working papers: 2020 and 2017

Examines evidence on the effects of the Brexit referendum on the UK economy

Expecting Brexit

With Thomas Sampson

Annual Review of Economics, 2022

Examine the trade and welfare consequences of Deep Trade Agreements in goods and services

With Rebecca Freeman and Hanwei Huang

Economica, forthcoming

Examines the allocational efficiency of markets with firms of varying productivity

With John Morrow

Journal of Political Economy, 2019. Awarded the Chair Jacquemin Prize

Note on Existence/Uniqueness and Note on Heterogeneous Firm Trade Models

Estimates the impact of trade agreements on variety, quality and the consumer price index

With Giuseppe Berlingieri 

Journal of the European Economic Association, 2018

Write-up in Voxeu

With H Huang, G Ottaviano, J Pessoa, T Sampson, J Van Reenen

Economic Policy, 2017

Write-up in Voxeu

Quantifies the welfare impact of reduced trade from Brexit

Examines the impact of trade policy and R&D subsidies on product and process innovation.

The American Economic Review, 2013

Reconciles median voter theory with observed protectionism across countries

Economics and Politics, 2014

With Johannes Boehm and  John Morrow

In New Developments in Global Sourcing , MIT Press, 2018

Examines the role of multiproduct firms in the productivity boom of the 2000s

Examines the microstructure of import markets and the division of gains from trade among consumers, importers and exporters

Informative but confounds economic policy with social policy during the Indian reforms

"Reforms and Economic Transformation in India"

The Journal of Economic Literature, 2013

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