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To recover from COVID and Brexit, the UK must upskill its workforce, with Josh De Lyon, LSE Blog, February 2021.

Covid-19 and Brexit: Real-time updates on business performance in United Kingdom, with Josh De Lyon, CEP Covid-19 Analysis, July 2020.

How is Covid-19 affecting businesses in the UK? with Josh De Lyon, LSE Blog, May 2020.

Economic performance since the EU Referendum, with Josh De Lyon, March, 2019.

What would it be like? Realities of No Deal Brexit, with Josh De Lyon, London Review of Books,  November 2018.

How Not to Do Trade Deals, with N Datta, Article commissioned by London Review of Books, 21 September 2017.

Brexit and the Impact of Immigration on the UK, with G Ottaviano, J Van Reenen and J Wadsworth, CEP Brexit Analysis 5, May 2016.

The impact of Brexit on foreign investment in the UK, with G Ottaviano, T Sampson and J Van Reenen, CEP Brexit Analysis 3, April 2016. Also on LSE Business Review.

The UK Treasury analysis of ’The long-term economic impact of EU membership and the alternatives’: CEP Commentary, with G Ottaviano, T Sampson and J Van Reenen, CEP Brexit Analysis 4, April 2016.

The consequences of Brexit for UK trade and living standards, with G Ottaviano, T Sampson and J Van Reenen, CEP Brexit Analysis 2, March 2016. Also on VoxEU, LSE British Policy Blog.

Minor relaxations of immigration policy will not make up for the economic impacts of a Brexit in the UK on India, LSE S Asia Blog, IGC Blog, 2016.

Brexit analysis cited by Bloomberg, PM’s speech, Chancellor’s speech, HMT, Washington Post, NYT, FT, The Economist, The Telegraph, Chicago Tribune, BBC News, Daily Mail, Boston Globe, CityAM, FT, The Guardian , FT.

The Economic Consequences of Leaving the EU, LSE’s British/European Politics blogs.

How would Brexit affect finance for SMEs?, in The Guardian, 5 April 2016.

How would Brexit change VAT and import duties?, in The Guardian, 22 March 2016.

Life After Brexit: The UK’s options outside the EU, with T Sampson, CEP Brexit Analysis 1, March 2016. Also on Policy Review, Eurasia Review, LSE Brexit Blog, LSE Business Review.

Those Who Champion Brexit Should Rewind 40 years, Op-Ed, MNI, 2016.

Review, Government’s Brexit leaflet, The Conversation, 2016.

Brexit Campaigns Ignore 40 Years of Economic Data, Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC), Feb 9, 2016. Re-published on LSE Blogs, Feb 2016.

Book review, Vince Cable’s After the Storm, LSE Review of Books, Nov 2015.

Should we stay or go? with G Ottaviano, T Sampson, J Van Reenen, CEP Economic Analysis 22, May 2015. Cited by CNBC, Reuters, The Guardian.

Should we Stay or Go? Government Gazette, April 2015.


How has Covid-19 affected India’s economy?, with Maitreesh Ghatak, Economics Observatory, June 2021

City of dreams no more: The impact of Covid-19 on urban workers in India with Shania Bhalotia and Fjolla Kondirolli, CEP Covid-19 Analysis, September 2020. Also on The Guardian, NDTV, Bloomberg, Bloomberg Quint.

Comparing Rishi Sunak's Plan For UK To India's Steps, with Maitreesh Ghatak, NDTV, July 2020

Protecting informal workers in urban India: The need for a universal job guarantee, VoxEU, Hindustan Times, May 2020.

EU-India FTA, Business Standard, LSE blog, IGC blog, 2016.

Review of Reforms and Economic Transformation in India, LSE’s South Asia blog, 2014.

Plagiarism, LSE’s South Asia blog, 2015.

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